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First-place win in KYSO Flash

So pleased to learn that my flash “Ladies Night” won first place in the KYSO Flash Triple-F Writing Challenge. The challenge was to write a 500-word or less story or poem that uses the words flicker, fierce, and fool. I usually get paralyzed by word writing prompts, but somehow this one worked. Thanks to Clare MacQueen and the editors at KYSO Flash for all their kind words about the piece. You can find my story and the other winners, honorable mentions, and finalists here. 


*Photo courtesy of unsplash (Sergio Alves Santos)


Press 53 Open Awards Anthology

My story “Dendrochronology,” which originally appeared in The Northville Review, won second place in Press 53’s 2011 Open Awards Series and will appear in the Open Awards anthology in October 2011.

My story “The Etiquette of Dementia,” originally published in The Mid-American Review, was a finalist in the short-short story category.

Thanks to Kevin Watson and all the folks at Press 53. Looking forward to the awards ceremony on October 22!

First Place in the Santa Fe Writers Project Lit Awards

My short story collection-in-progress, Black Diamond City, won first place in the Santa Fe Writers Project 2010 Literary Awards, judged by Robert Olen Butler.

Thanks much to Andrew Gifford and the folks at SFWP for all their hard work. Thanks also to Mr. Butler, whose work I highly admire. I am very honored to have been chosen for this award.

Black Diamond City is a collection of very short stories set in or inspired by my hometown of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. You may notice if you click on my novel page that BDC is the title of that as well. I have decided to condense that novel significantly (from 500 pages to 25!) and try something completely different. Fingers crossed it works.

Short List News

My story “Only a Number,” published by decomP in September 2009, was noted on Wigleaf‘s Short List for their Top 50 of 2009. Also, my short story “Like Everyone Else” made storySouth‘s list of Notable Online Stories of 2009. Sweet!