What Scares You, Jennifer J. Chow?

Today’s What Scares You features cozy mystery writer Jennifer J. Chow, who writes the L.A. Night Market Mysteries. They will keep you turning pages and also make you very very hungry. Kirkus Reviews said her latest, Hot Pot Murder, has “great characters and a delightful mystery filled with luscious descriptions of food.”

Are there any foods that Jennifer is afraid of eating? Urban legends that unsettle her? Childhood memories she can’t quite shake? Read on to find out…

What is your earliest childhood memory of fear?

I remember watching The Fly and irrationally believing I would turn into a giant insect. That night, I begged to sleep with my parents.

Is there any fear you’ve overcome in your life? How has that changed you?

Public speaking. I hated doing school presentations in front of the class. In high school, I joined the drama club and overcame that fear. It’s helped me understand that I can be confident in myself and reminds me to continue to learn and achieve.

What is your favorite urban legend?

During summer camp one year, I heard the ghost story about the woman who wore a velvet ribbon around her neck to keep her head attached to her body. For some time afterward, I was worried whenever I saw someone wearing a choker necklace.

What’s something that most people are afraid of that you are not?

Snakes. I’ve picked snakes up without a problem. And I think it’s kind of nice touching their cool scales.

Is there anything you are terrified of eating?

Live bugs. But apparently, also cooked bees. I was once treated to a local delicacy of bees and larvae. I just couldn’t with the wings.

“I’ve picked snakes up without a problem. And I think it’s kind of nice touching their cool scales.”

What scares you most about the writing process?

The muddy middle of a manuscript. I always hope I don’t get sucked into its murky depths and never finish the actual draft.

What’s creepier: clowns, dolls, or wax museum figures?

Clowns, for sure. We stayed at Circus Circus in Las Vegas one year. It was the worst hotel experience I ever had as a kid.

Jennifer J. Chow writes cozies filled with hope and heritage. She is an Agatha, Anthony, and Lefty Award-nominated author; her most recent series is the L.A. Night Market Mysteries. Death by Bubble Tea was reviewed by the New York Times, featured in Woman’s World, and hit the SoCal Indie Bestseller List. Jennifer currently serves as president on the board of Sisters in Crime and blogs at chicksonthecase.com. She is an active member of Crime Writers of Color and Mystery Writers of America. Find her online at JenniferJChow.com.