Modern Manners for Your Inner Demons is now available for preorder!

You can order a copy of my book Modern Manners for Your Inner Demons at Matter Press right now. Be sure to check out their other titles as well from Kathy Fish, Jeff Landon, Carol Guess and Karen Dietrich.

OR, you can snag a copy of the book at my book launch at One More Page Books in Arlington, Va., on October 27 at 5 p.m. (happy hour time, people). The first 50 people to buy a book at the book launch will receive a limited edition “The Etiquette of the Happy Hour” story, which I have yet to write! But I will! I promise! And even if not, there will be cake and alcohol. And a reading!

In other news, here’s a random list of really great stuff I’ve read/seen recently (linked where possible):

Like An Original Response” by Randall Brown, in American Short Fiction

The Stand by Stephen King

Headless” by Casey Hannan, in matchbook

The Eye” by Mike Meginnis, in The Nashville Review

The Forty-Four Stories about Our Forty-Four Presidents series edited by Amber Sparks, of which I have the John Tyler contribution. Especially check out Ben Loory’s story on James K. Polk.

And last but not least, Eddie Money’s Geico commercial.

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