7 Reasons to Marry another Writer

I began my stint as a columnist at the Washington Indepedent Review of Books last month. Art and I are sharing the column, trading off month to month to discuss all things short fiction, and some things not short fiction. For my first post, I decided to go all Buzzfeed on you all and do a top 7 list. My 7 Reasons to Marry a Writer can be found here, but here’s a teaser for you:

2. You can do nerdy literary things. Like name your child “Dashiell” and be giddy when strangers get the reference. Or have a literary-themed wedding with library-card invitations. Or read aloud all of the Sherlock Holmes stories, laminate your hardcovers with that plastic stuff libraries use, and nibble your pancakes into the shape of modernist novelists’ heads. (Okay, I’m making up the last one, although I’d like to see Art’s version of Virginia Woolf.)

The post was the most popular for the month of April, which pretty much guarantees I’ll never have another column that successful ever again.

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