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First-place win in KYSO Flash

So pleased to learn that my flash “Ladies Night” won first place in the KYSO Flash Triple-F Writing Challenge. The challenge was to write a 500-word or less story or poem that uses the words flicker, fierce, and fool. I usually get paralyzed by word writing prompts, but somehow this one worked. Thanks to Clare MacQueen and the editors at KYSO Flash for all their kind words about the piece. You can find my story and the other winners, honorable mentions, and finalists here. 


*Photo courtesy of unsplash (Sergio Alves Santos)


Flash Fiction Story Accepted by Ellery Queen

Exciting news: My short story “States of Matter” will be appearing in the May 2016 issue of Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. What is particularly exciting about this is that it is the All Nations issue, with crime fiction stories from writers all over the globe. My piece will be the American representative in that issue, which is pretty stinking cool.

The story, about a gravedigger and a woman who needs revenge, comes in at just over 450 words, so it’s a tiny little sucker. Look for it on newsstands in a month or two! And thanks much to Janet Hutchings, editor of EQMM, for believing in it.

*Post image used courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.

“Lonesome Tonight” published in Revolution John

I’ve got a little story over at Revolution John today called “Lonesome Tonight.” It’s about pretending. And an Elvis impersonator. I wrote this piece many years ago because of a prompt in one of the writing groups on Zoetrope and I’m happy that’s it’s emerged from the depths of my hard drive to find a (perfect) home at RJ. Sheldon Lee Compton does a fantastic job over there if you’ve got some time to browse. Check out the book reviews–(I particularly love this one and cannot wait to read Andrea Kneeland’s book now!). They’re pretty cool. I like the mix and the style, and of course I always appreciate the tireless, thankless work of journal editors.

Announcing Bystanders, a Collection of Short Fiction

I am thrilled to announce that my second collection of stories, and debut full-length collection, Bystanders, will be published by Santa Fe Writers Project in Spring 2016. I’m very excited to work with Andrew Gifford and his excellent team at SFWP on this book. SFWP and I go way back–in 2010, I won their grand literary prize and have seen how well they treat their writers and how much they care about the books they produce. It is really wonderful to get to be a part of that family.

Bystanders features 13 stories that explore the ripple effects of tragedy. The characters in Bystanders are on the edge of the darkness, but not immune to it. A woman becomes obsessed with the murderer of her coworker. An investigative reporter who loves to uncover scandal finds his own life unraveling. Eerie sights in a video baby monitor begin to haunt a new mother. The characters in these stories are not innocent bystanders, but in unexpected occurrences they find new meaning in the world around them.

From the vicious newspaper strike that rocks a small Pennsylvania community to an unpredictable road trip in the open desert of the West, Bystanders explores the ways in which terror and uncertainty can both consume and invigorate us, and uncover our strengths, hopes, and passions.

I’m looking forward to seeing this stories go out into the world! Thank you for your support. More information to come in the upcoming months.



“The Monitor” Appears in April 2014 Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

I’m very excited that my story, “The Monitor” appears in the April 2014 issue of Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. It is the very first story in the issue, and has an amazing illustration by Robin Hyzy to accompany it.

You can buy it now at newsstands and bookstores, so definitely check it out!

The story is kind of a break away from the stuff I usually write about. Although there is still a mildly depressed lonely woman questioning her relationship and her existence in general, there is also a supernatural element! Ghosts! A ghostly little boy appearing in a baby monitor, to be exact. It was a fun story to write, and I hope you enjoy reading it as well.

You can also check out a blog post I wrote about the story that is featured on Trace Evidence, the AHMM blog.

Enrico Accenti also did a mini review of my story and the stories from the rest of the issue on his Eerie Worlds blog.

Spooky times, spooky times.

Modern Manners for Your Inner Demons is now available for preorder!

You can order a copy of my book Modern Manners for Your Inner Demons at Matter Press right now. Be sure to check out their other titles as well from Kathy Fish, Jeff Landon, Carol Guess and Karen Dietrich.

OR, you can snag a copy of the book at my book launch at One More Page Books in Arlington, Va., on October 27 at 5 p.m. (happy hour time, people). The first 50 people to buy a book at the book launch will receive a limited edition “The Etiquette of the Happy Hour” story, which I have yet to write! But I will! I promise! And even if not, there will be cake and alcohol. And a reading!

In other news, here’s a random list of really great stuff I’ve read/seen recently (linked where possible):

Like An Original Response” by Randall Brown, in American Short Fiction

The Stand by Stephen King

Headless” by Casey Hannan, in matchbook

The Eye” by Mike Meginnis, in The Nashville Review

The Forty-Four Stories about Our Forty-Four Presidents series edited by Amber Sparks, of which I have the John Tyler contribution. Especially check out Ben Loory’s story on James K. Polk.

And last but not least, Eddie Money’s Geico commercial.

My Etiquette Collection is DONE–Now It Just Needs a Publisher…

I finally finished my manuscript of ‘etiquette’ stories. Tentative title: MODERN MANNERS FOR YOUR INNER DEMONS. I have ten of these babies now, and Matt Bell was kind enough to just publish “The Etiquette of Arson in The Collagist. You can check out some others here: “The Etiquette of Infertility” in FRiGG, “The Etiquette of Adultery” in Necessary Fiction and “The Etiquette of Homicide” (annotated!) in Barrelhouse.

I’m currently looking for a publisher for the collection. It’s a strange little book–on the larger side for a chapbook, but not quite long enough for a full-length short story collection. If anyone out there has any ideas or interest, please please let me know!

Contributing to Stripped anthology

The lovely Nicole Monaghan has accepted a story of mine for her enticing anthology, Stripped: A Collection of Anonymous Flash Fiction. The anthology will have the authors’ names and bios, but they won’t be matched up to the stories in the collection. So, yeah, I can’t tell you which story of mine was accepted. For more on the anthology and the thoughts behind it, visit Nicole’s blog.

March Publications

I was lucky enough to have three new stories published in March. The lovely and talented Laura Ellen Scott was guest editor of Everyday Genius this month and published my prose poem “Day 72” there.

I was also honored to be in the amazing all-flash issue of JMWW for my story “Small Craft Warning.” And honestly, if you haven’t read the issue yet, you need to. Kick ass stories from Erin Fitzgerald, Sheldon Lee Compton, Matt Bell, Meg Pokrass, Scott Garson, Robert Swartwood and others.

Third, I was extremely excited to have my etiquette story, “The Etiquette of Adultery,” published over at Necessary Fiction. This is the first in what I hope is a series of ‘etiquette of atrocities’ stories if I can pull them off.